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How it began

In Phil's first blog, he talks about beginning his running journey, and how perseverance has been key in building up his distance.

2 Arms 2 Legs Runners

Answering a call from Joe Sammon for a mug, I mean volunteer, to run the Two Arms on Two Legs half marathon in September I bit the bullet and decided that I should give it a go. Running didn’t play a huge part in my life apart from the odd foray around a rugby pitch, which involved more lying down than running.

Working for the Canal and River Trust I know that we have some great towpaths and some amazing scenery to enjoy, as I get to walk and cycle them in my role within the Boat Licensing Support Team, so although I think I may live to regret this at least I know it will be picturesque.

Having invested in some new trainers and running clothes I took off on my first long run in nearly 27 years on 17th March. After 4.5 miles I found myself home and shattered wondering if I shouldn’t have just stuck to walking the canals. I persevered and pushed on, taking to the towpaths and countryside at least 3 times a week. I have even taken to running the green lanes and downs nearer to home just so I can throw in some hills for good measure.

I am now over 3st lighter and running around 12 miles with consummate ease, just not exceptionally fast but life on our waterways and towpaths is not about the speed (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).

I’m just hoping that Joe (event organiser) doesn’t pick up the fact that he is saving me, and everyone else that fancies it, a fortune in gym membership fees. Why would I want to go to a gym and stare at the same 4 walls as I plod along on a treadmill, bored out of my mind and watching my bank balance fall, when we have all this wonderful scenery to enjoy.

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From couch to canal - Phil's running journey

Phil is one of our licensing rangers covering the south east.  In 2017 Phil is aiming to get fit and run in our Two Arms on Two Legs half marathon this September. Read more about his progress and training here.  

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