Movement In Motion

Compost loo material disposal. Loo to plants!

We will process your seperated liquids and solids with cover material to prepare to be returned to the land for important nourishment.

Please bring no chemicals. Unbleached toilet paper preferred. No extras! Sanitary products, veg peelings eg etc.

Movement In Motion is currently based between Oxford and Newbury, near West Ilsley, Berks. That is until we better understand our market (you!).

Trials for our concept to process materials that would typically enter the waste water system start April 13th 2022. Wednesday evenings 5-7pm Trial to last 6 months, same times (Wednesdays 5pm-7pm)

Full details for booking your delivery and dispisal is on the website:

We charge 60p per kg for solids.

We hope you find our service valuable. We are working to learn and make improvements and develop a collection system to better look after the narrowboat community.

Insta: movementinmotion.hascommenced

We look forward to meeting the compost loo users. You know it is intuitively right.


Unit D

Catmore farm Buildings
West ilsley
RG20 7HN

Disability Access Information

RG20 7HN.
Almost the middle of nowhere on The Old Berks Downs! The carpark has an old barge. Follow the sat nav, or ask for Catmore. Ttfn, Marnie