Professional Boat Movers LLP

Professional Boat Movers LLP will move your boat by water from one location to another, efficiently, economically and safely.

Have you just bought a boat and want to have it moved to your home marina? Perhaps your dream boat is miles away from your home or maybe you're not particularly confident in tackling locks or tunnels? We can help.

Want to try a longer one way trip? We will return your boat to its home. Instead of sailing up and down the same bits of canal, why not plan a longer trip? We will meet you there, give you a lift to your starting point then bring your boat safely home for you.

Or maybe you want to move your boat to another marina, but don't have the time?

Even if you're stranded because of an accident or illness, we can help take you back to your car and bring your boat safely back home.


72 Stonebridge Lane

Disability Access Information

Website: email: Contact numbers: 07985125347 or 07984334655 or 07885811600 We are Pete Hatfield and Chris Gee, joint owners of PROFESSIONAL BOAT MOVERS LLP. We have been keen boaters for several years and have between us travelled thousands of miles along our inland waterway system. We are both shareholders in a narrowboat as well as having volunteered for a number of years on the trip boats belonging to the Chesterfield Canal Trust. We are both holders of the RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Certificate (IWHC), the most widely recognised qualification for Britain's inland waterways.

Our qualifications and experience as RYA skippers and licensed trip boat skippers, we hope will go a long way to gaining your trust that we will look after your boat and deliver it carefully and safely to your chosen destination.

In addition, we will bring with us everything needed for the journey, including rolls of plastic carpet protector and dust sheets so that your boat remains as unaffected as possible by our presence on board.

We will also carry out daily checks to your engine oil and coolant levels and to your stern gland and greaser. All checks and inspections made will be logged, a copy of which will be handed over to you or left on board. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details.

We never leave your boat unattended, even for a minute, so you can rest assured that your pride and joy will be always under our care and control. Should anything go wrong with your boat, we will call out River Canal Rescue (RCR) for assistance if we are unable to fix the problem ourselves.

At the end of the journey, we top up your water tank, empty / pump out your toilet, sweep or vacuum the floors and aim to leave your boat as we found it.