Whitlingham Boathouses Foundation Ltd

Whitlingham Boathouses Foundation (Registered Charity No 1133063) has been established to develop and maintain a rowing and canoeing facility for the community in Norfolk.

It is based in Whitlingham Country Park, on the River Yare, on the south eastern edge of the City of Norwich. Competitive and recreational rowing and canoeing takes place on the Norfolk Broads rivers, which offer access to over 150kms of un-locked inland water.

Whitlingham Boathouses is an accredited Explore Rowing centre with equipment that may be hired out to other Explore Rowing clubs.

The new boathouse including changing rooms and showers; gym; multi-use area; club room; cafe; and boat storage was opened in August 2015. It is fully accessible throughout.

The Foundation is supported by 2 Community Amateur Sports Clubs (Norwich Rowing Club and Norwich Canoe Club) in addition to the University of East Anglia, Norwich School and Norwich High School.

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Whitlingham Boathouses

Whitlingham Lane
NR14 8TR

Disability Access Information

Whitlingham Boathouses has a fleet of adaptive (disabled) rowing boats and canoes; the only such facility in Norfolk. Our river frontage is fully accessible.

  • Path slope no steeper than 1 in 10
  • Paths wider than 1 metre
  • No steps or barriers
  • Intact compact path surfaces with only slight irregularities, neat edges, drains immediately