Wolverley Court Lock 7, Wolverley, Staffs & Worcs Canal


From Date: 30/08/2023 08:00

To Date: 02/10/2023 14:38 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Structure failure

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Staffordshire & Worcestershire Cnl

Starts at: Lock 7 Wolverley Court Lock

Ends at: Lock 8 Wolverley Lock

Upstream winding hole: Between Debdale lock 9 and Wolverley Forge bridge 11

Downstream winding hole: Broadwaters Aqueduct


02/10/2023 14:38

Navigation open.

02/10/2023 14:36

We're pleased to advise navigation is now open, as the team managed to get the bywash weir working correctly.

The team will remain on site over the next few weeks to carry on rebuilding the wall around it.

14/09/2023 10:45

We're sorry to report that the works on the bywash have proved more challenging than we'd originally hoped, and we'll have to extend the closure. The damage to the underlying structure is major, and we've had to bring in a substantial volume of concrete and other material.  This has extended the work, as it's a challenge to bring material to this remote site, and it takes a long time to cure the concrete before we can start on the brickwork.

Our Reactive Response team are working as fast as they can to get the works completed and the canal back open, but this may take until the 6th October.  If we are able to open any earlier, we'll be sure to let you know.

Thank you for your ongoing patience during this vital repair.

08/09/2023 06:50

Incorrect winding holes given in original Notice, these have now been corrected.

31/08/2023 12:26

We can confirm that the works are being carried out on Lock 7 Wolverley Court Lock, not Lock 8 Wolverley Lock as previously stated.  Thank you to those who pointed out this error.

The section closed reaminsl the same, between the two locks, and the canal remains in water around the works.

31/08/2023 11:06

Our Reactive Response team have scoped out the works and unfortunately this isn’t going to be a quick fix. Part the weir crest has washed away, taking the footings of the wall with it. To do the works, we will need to remove the unstable wall and rebuild the weir crest.

We are therefore having to extend the closure date to Monday 25th September. The team will work as quick as they can to restore navigation.

We will aim to provide a further update in a few weeks time.


A dangerous undercutting of the brick sheeting in the circular bywash at Wolverley requires urgent repair.  Our Reactive Response team are being deployed, and will start work on Wednesday 30th August at 8am. As we'll need to use the lock as a temporary bywash, with stop planks installed, we'll have to close navigation through the lock while the work takes place.

Our team will be working to complete the repair and restore navigation as soon as possible, but it's likely to take at least 4 days, with the lock remaining closed until Monday 4th September.

Thank you for bearing with us while we make this emergency repair, which should help us avert a total failure of the bywash, with a much longer and costlier closure. We'll provide updates on the work as we get them, and certainly by 1pm this Friday 1st September.