Navigation Resumed: Northgate Locks, Chester, Shropshire Union Canal


From Date: 14/06/2023 17:00

To Date: 19/06/2023 16:45 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Shropshire Union Canal

Starts at: Lock 1, Northgate Bottom Lock

Ends at: Lock 3, Northgate Top Lock


19/06/2023 16:49

We are pleased to advise navigation has resumed at Northgate Locks, Chester on the Shropshire Union Canal following a successful repair to Lock 3 by our specialist contractors.

16/06/2023 15:53

Our contractors have attended Lock 3, Northgate Locks, Chester today to attempt a temporary repair, unfortunately this has been unsuccessful, and navigation remains closed.

We are now looking in to an alternative method of repair and an update will be provided by Tuesday 20 June.

15/06/2023 15:28

Unfortunately, we have not been able to carry out a repair to Lock 3, Northgate Locks on the Shropshire Union Canal today. Following further inspections, specialist contractors are required.

We are speaking with our contractors to organise attendance.

A further update will be provided tomorrow, Friday 16 June.


Please be advised, navigation is currently closed at Northgate Locks, Chester on the Shropshire Union Canal due to an issue with towpath side paddle at Lock 3.  

Our team will be onsite tomorrow to install stop planks to dewater the lock and attempt a repair.

An update will be provided tomorrow afternoon, Thursday 15 June.