Beeston CSF - Nottingham Beeston Canal


From Date: 27/04/2023 00:00

To Date: 17/05/2023 00:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Nottingham & Beeston Canal

Starts at: Beeston Lock CSF

Ends at: Beeston Lock CSF


17/05/2023 11:01

Works have been completed at Beeston CSF and the site is now open for use as normal. 

15/05/2023 10:09

Contractors attended site on Friday, to continue with the repairs at Beeston Elsan. 

Unfortunately, the situation is not resolved and further work is still required. 

Beeston facilities remain closed and we will update the website by the 17th May with further information. 

11/05/2023 18:52

Contractors will be back on site tomorrow, to continue with the repairs required at Beeston Elsan. 

We will update the website at the end of the day tomorrow, once we have more information. 

05/05/2023 16:56

Contractors attended Beeston CSF today, but unfortunately further works are still required to rectify this issue.  

They will be attending site again next week, and we will update the website on the 11th May when we have more information.  

The elsan continues to be out of action, until this issue is resolved. 

27/04/2023 16:24

Our contractors have attended site and, due to misuse of the Elsan (bulky nappy like items had been put down it), the pumps are broken and require a full repair.  

The Elsan is out of action until this work is completed.

We do not presently have a time scale for completion, but this notice will be updated by the 5th May with more information. 


The Elsan at Beeston customer service facilities is currently out of action and an urgent job has been raised with our contractors.  We will update this notice by 5pm on 28th April with more information.