Shipton Flood Gate


From Date: 13/01/2023 15:00

To Date: 17/01/2023 13:15 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Oxford Canal

Starts at: Flood Gate

Ends at: Flood Gate


17/01/2023 13:29

Shipton Flood Gate is now open to navigation.

Please note that the strong stream warning for the pounds between Bakers Lock 40 to Shipton Lock 41 and Nell Bridge Lock 32 to Aynho Weir Lock 33 is still in effect and the status is Red.


Navigation closed

Shipton flood gate has been closed as a flood control measure.

Bakers lock 40 to Shipton lock 41 status remains in strong stream status Red.

Levels continuing to rise