DLR Rail Bridge 7, Limehouse


From Date: 07/11/2022 08:00

To Date: 13/11/2022 16:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? Yes


Closest waterway: Limehouse Cut

Starts at: Bridge 6, Commercial Road (A13)

Ends at: Bridge 8, Ropemakers Field Footbridge

Upstream winding hole: Bow Lock, Bridge 1A, Bow Lock Crossover Bridge.

Downstream winding hole: Limehouse Basin


14/09/2022 10:35

Typo updated was list as DLR Rail Bridge 2, Limehouse. 

correction - DLR Rail Bridge 7, Limehouse. 


A stoppage is required to carry out remedial works on the arches to the bridge structure. Safe system of work required to be installed - scaffolding over the river.