Cromwell Lock - River Trent


From Date: 28/02/2022 00:00

To Date: 07/07/2022 00:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: River Trent

Starts at: Lock 15, Cromwell Lock Top Chamber

Ends at: Lock 15, Cromwell Lock Top Chamber


07/07/2022 13:21

This issue has now been resolved and the Landline is working as normal at Cromwell Lock site. 


Due to local works being carried out near Cromwell Lock, they have accidentally damaged the phone line. 

Therefore, Cromwell Lock is currently without a working landline. 

For an queries with regards Cromwell Lock or needing to book passage for you boat, then please use the lock site mobile - 07887754485