Dashwood Lock 37


From Date: 04/06/2021 20:45

To Date: 10/06/2021 10:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Repair

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Oxford Canal

Starts at: Lock 37, Dashwood Lock

Ends at: Lock 37, Dashwood Lock

Upstream winding hole: North of High Bush Bridge 208

Downstream winding hole: South of Old Brighton Bridge 212


10/06/2021 09:09

Our Engineers have completed final repairs and confirmed that water is now running effectively and pound levels are rising.

We can confirm that the navigation will be open from 10am this morning.

09/06/2021 15:04

Following on from repairs to the Lock, boards have now been replaced. Final repairs will be taking place on Thursday the 10th of June with site clearing and water to be run.

We will be aiming to open the Lock no later than Friday the 11th of June.

Please disregard previous update which was sent in error.

09/06/2021 14:58

We can now confirm that the navigation is now open

07/06/2021 15:34

Following on from our inspection, plant and equipment is now being mobilized in order to begin repairs on Wednesday the 9th of June.

Once the Lock has been emptied our teams will be able to fully assess the scale of the damage and advise how long it will take to complete repairs. Until this time, the Lock will remain closed so as not to cause navigational issues further up the pound from water loss.

Further updates will follow on Wednesday the 9th of June.


Navigation closed due to damaged top gate cill

Further update will be added Monday