South of Bridge 109c Cuckoo Road Bridge to Bridge 107 Cranby Street, Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal


From Date: 01/03/2021 08:00

To Date: 30/09/2021 18:00 inclusive

Type: Advice

Reason: 3rd Party Works

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Birmingham & Warwick Junction Cnl

Starts at: Bridge 109c Cuckoo Road Bridge Star City

Ends at: Bridge 107, Gas Works


The towpath will be closed in phases when works commence in Mid-March. Further stoppage notices will be posted ahead of each section closure. The navigation will remain open.

Contractors on behalf of Western Power will be renewing two high voltage cables buried within the towpath. Site set up will commence on 1st March 2021 with the compound situated on the offside just South of Cuckoo Road Bridge. A pontoon will be installed at this location to allow workboats to be loaded/ unloaded.

Towpath closures will take place in three phases, commencing on 15th March, with each stoppage notice issued two weeks prior to closure. The contractors will also put advance towpath closure warning notices at the relevant access points.

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