Closure Bingley 5 Rise to River Lock - low water levels


From Date: 17/08/2018 08:00

To Date: 31/08/2018 00:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Closure

Reason: Water resources

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Leeds & Liverpool Canal

Starts at: Lock 29, Bingley 5 Rise Top Lock

Ends at: Lock 1, River Lock


29/08/2018 13:42

Please see notices below for more information on the current water level situation

Gargrave below lock 30 to the top of Newlay locks

Top of Newlay Locks to River Lock, Leeds


Due to the continued drawdown of the river levels, the prolonged low rainfall and with the forecast for further dry weather, the Trust will be implementing temporary closures to navigation between Bingley 5 Rise Top Lock(Lock 29) to River Lock (Lock 1) at the beginning of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, commencing on Friday 17th August. 

The main lock flights will be padlocked closed at Bingley Three and Five Rise (Locks 22-29), Field (Locks 16-18), Newlay (Locks 11-13), Forge (Locks 8-10) and the gates will be ashed up to reduce leakage.  Additionally to prevent unauthorised use, measures will be taken to make all the locks inoperable within this section.  

It’s not clear how long the closure will last for but it’s likely to be throughout August and potentially beyond if there is no significant, sustained rainfall. While the closure will prevent use of that stretch of canal by boats the towpath will remain open for visitors and the local community alike to enjoy.

The canal will remain open between Holme Bridge, Gargrave and the top of the Bingley 5 Rise Locks, approximately 20 miles