Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation/Manchester Ship Canal


From Date: 02/06/2018 12:00

To Date: 10/02/2019 00:00 inclusive

Type: Navigation Restriction

Reason: Boat damage

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: Weaver Navigation

Starts at: Marsh Lock

Ends at: Marsh Lock


16/10/2018 16:45

Marsh lock has now reopened and is available for restricted passage through one upper gate with a limited maximum boat beam of 5 meters. Passage will be by appointment only, giving 48 hours advanced notice Monday to Friday between 8:30am 3:30pm no weekend passages are available.

All necessary paperwork MUST be in place for the Manchester Ship Canal prior to passage.

Bookings can be made by calling 03030 40 40 40.

04/10/2018 09:53

The monitoring equipment has been installed and repairs to the damaged gate are planned for this Friday 5th October.  Subject to the repair work being satisfactorily completed the lock will be re-opened for restricted passage, utilising a single leaf gate, early next week.

19/09/2018 14:02

The lock is to be re-opened for restricted boat passage. The damage gate will not be operated and craft will enter and leave the lock using a single leaf gate. 

The damaged gate will be monitored during lock operation. Monitoring devices need installing and temporary repairs need carrying out to broken tie-bars. This works is to be scheduled as soon as possible.

Once this has been completed an update will be posted

13/09/2018 12:59

We will be able to provide a further update later this week confirming the dates when we will be able to offer restricted  passage through the one operational lock gate.

28/08/2018 16:38

Following the completion of additional inspection and dive work last week, our engineers have been able to better assess the condition of the damaged gate.  Whilst the inspection confirmed that operation using the damaged gate is not achievable; procedures are being developed to allow a limited passage through the lock utilising the undamaged gate.  Details of the navigation restrictions will be confirmed later this week.

Major gate repairs are still required to allow full operation of the lock and these are now scheduled in the winter works programme.

22/08/2018 13:26

Further to our recent update, the condition of the damaged gate is still under investigation.

However, following the initial surveys, we have found that we may be able to operate the lock with a limited restricted passage.  Additional inspections and diving works are required this week and we hope to provide an update on Tuesday 28th August.

We hope this will allow passage for some of our customers before major repairs commence.

11/06/2018 13:49

Initial investigations are being carried out to assess the damage of the lock gates.

Further updates to follow.

04/06/2018 09:26

Further to our stoppage notice of the 2nd June, serious damage has been caused to the lock gates due to a large vessel running into them.  The repairs will be a long process and the lock is now closed until further notice.   A further update will be added in a week.


Marsh Lock has been closed due to mechanical damage, pending further investigation and possible repair works.

There will be no passage between the Manchester Ship Canal and Weaver Navigation until further notice.