News article created on 7 November 2017

Project underway to keep the Peak Forest Canal flowing

We are delivering a project at Bugsworth Basin in the Peak District, to improve the water flow to the Peak Forest Canal.

Black Brook feeder - Bugsworth

£250,000 is being invested by us to keep the canal operational for the thousands of boaters and local community who use the canal for boating and leisure purposes.

The work is expected to last 12 weeks and will involve installing new pipes from Black Brook river which will increase the water flow to the Canal. Other works will include re-building the 200-year-old canal wall in the middle arm of Bugsworth Basin. The new feeder pipes will provide up to 3.5 million litres of water to the Peak Forest Canal each day.

Once the works are completed, we will be working with Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust volunteers to replant trees and shrubs around the site.

Sarah Bowes, our project manager said: "It’s important that the Canal & River Trust makes this investment to improve water flow to help ensure Bugsworth Basin and the Canal continue to provide a wonderful amenity for all to enjoy."