New contractors to manage our grass, weeds and trees

We've appointed three new companies to carry out grass cutting and other vegetation management across our reservoirs and 2,000 miles of waterways.

Cutting the grass Cutting the grass

When will this begin?

From 1 April, Ground Control, CGM Group and Dovetail Group will be cutting grass and hedges, undertaking tree work, removing aquatic weed, tackling offside vegetation, spraying and removing weeds from structures, and emptying litter and dog bins.

The new contracts will run for five years and are awarded following a competitive process. Efficiencies in the new contracts will allow the Trust to increase its programme of vegetation works and tackle more of the areas that are of greatest concern to customers.

We have recently consulted on its grass cutting approach and the new arrangements will be being rolled out through these contracts this spring and summer.

Managing our waterways

David Baldacchino, our head of operations support, said: “Managing grass, weeds and trees along our 2,000 miles of waterways is a key topic of importance for boaters and towpath visitors so it’s important we improve the service wherever we can. We’re looking forward to working with new partners, seeing innovation in the way this work is delivered and giving more value back into the network to improve things for boaters and all those who visit the waterways. We’d welcome feedback over the months ahead on how our new contractors are getting on so we can identify anything that’s going well and any areas where things need to be improved.”

CGM Group and Ground Control will be sharing the grass, hedge and tree works nationally; with Dovetail Group focussing on aquatic weed works in East and West Midlands, and London and South East.

To report a tree down or other problem please call 0303 040 4040 on the day or 0800 47 999 47 out of hours; or use our online contact systems. This link can also be used to provide feedback.