Modestly magnanimous

Yesterday I learnt of something which, quite simply, touched me so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s not momentous or earth-shattering but it did fill me with pride.

Charlotte, in my customer service team, had taken a phone call from a gentleman who had misplaced the Canal & River Trust pin badge he received when he became a friend of the Trust. Well, actually he had misplaced the coat which the pin badge was attached to but the end result was the same. He no longer had his badge.


He often walks along his local towpaths and loves doing so. He envies those of you lucky enough to be in the position to own your own boat. He's not able to have one himself but when he dons his pin badge he feels more connected, more involved.

These aren’t items we sell and, unfortunately, they aren’t even items we have a small stock of for occassions just like this.

But that didn’t stop Charlotte…or Helen, who donated her very own pin badge to this cause. They packaged it up that moment and sent it on its way to a new home with someone who would treasure it and wear it proudly.

Unexpectedly delightful

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think that life is enriched by these small moments.  Small and unexpected movements. Moments where someone does something surprising. Something unexpectedly delightful. Something which makes you feel special. Moments where its clear that the sum is far greater than its parts.    

What’s more, this small act of generosity came so naturally to them that they told no one. Well, why would they? Anyone else would have done exactly the same. Wouldn’t they?

Great job

I can give my team information and training. I can make sure that they have access to the systems and technology they need in order to do their job. I can update them regularly and be clear about my expectations. But, I cannot teach them to be kind, generous or thoughtful. I can’t teach them to put the needs of someone else before their own.

So, I’d like to thank them for doing a great job.  But mostly I'd like to thank them for just being themselves.  

Last date edited: 24 November 2014

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Sarina joined us in 2008 as our customer services co-ordinator. Among other things, she manages our national customer service team, complaints procedure and requests for information made to the Trust. She says that the most important thing to her is to be able to go home and feel as though she’s achieved something, however small that might be. Her job is hugely satisfying, widely varied, full of deadlines, immensely interesting, sometimes challenging and no day is ever the same, although some are surprisingly familiar!  

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