How to murder your wife

How tweeting from the Shropshire Union Canal brings me down with a bump

One of my favourite Jack Lemmon films -  ‘How to Murder Your Wife’ - is about a successful strip cartoonist (Stanley Ford) who has set up the perfect bachelor lifestyle: macho apartment, a butler (played beautifully by Terry-Thomas), regular sessions at the gym, boys’ nights out etc – until  he makes the mistake of marrying a gorgeous blonde who jumps out of a cake at a stag do (as you do). She moves in with her ‘feminine touches’ and Italian cooking, and the butler moves out.

Stanley is distraught. His perfect bachelor life ruined, he fantasies about murder in his daily newspaper cartoon strip, testing his methods on the poor girl before drawing them. (It’s a comedy – honestly!)  In one of the scenes, he plans to spike her drink with a ‘goofball’. He describes the high she will experience - ‘Brrrrrrrrrrp!’ - before she inevitably collapses - ‘Blapppp!’ Dear reader, this being Hollywood, despite there being a bit of a mix up, by the end of the film he has fallen in love with his new wife and there is a happy ending.

My main job as editor of The Source is to publicise the achievements of Canal & River Trust staff to their colleagues. While 99% of employees focus on the external (the infrastructure, the customers, the partners and stakeholders etc), my focus is internal.

The Source has a twitter feed and when I’m out and about I’ll tweet about what I’m doing. Although The Source tweets are about staff and intended for their colleagues there are, naturally, external followers.

I was with North Wales & Borders colleagues last week, looking at a couple of small projects they had completed on the Shropshire Union near Market Drayton.  Photoshoot and interviews all done, I took a quick shot of the guys for a tweet.  Going out and meeting my colleagues – especially on the canal or river bank - and talking to them about the work they’ve done is just the best part of my job and it always renews my passion and enthusiasm and lifts me. If you like, I get the ‘Brrrrrrrp’ feeling. So I find it a little sad when someone (who isn’t a member of staff) tweets back an unhelpful comment – and I’m brought back down with a ‘Blapppp’.

I realise that if you play in the playground, you risk getting the odd grazed knee, but I'm honestly bemused as to why people fire off narky comments for no apparent reason.  :-(


Last date edited: 16 March 2016

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