Chilled on a late summer morning

Making the most of the fading summer days

I saw an unusual sight as I drove to the station this morning (don’t judge me, it’s an eight mile drive). At the bus stop on the busy main road, a young woman was sitting on the kerb, her legs outstretched into the lay-by. Having ascertained that she wasn’t in trouble or hurt, in fact she seemed perfectly happy sitting there, I drove on.

On my way from the car park to the platform, I passed female commuters clearly dressed to show off their holiday tans and painted toenails. Another beautiful sunny day stretched ahead and everyone was enjoying it. And as my train sped through the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside, I took delight in the golden fields of corn ripe for harvest. Brightly coloured boats gleamed on the Grand Union Canal (and not for the first time this summer, I wished I was going boating instead of heading to a hermetically sealed glass box above Milton Keynes station).

I thought back to the young woman in the bus lay-by. She had been sitting in the only patch of sunlight on a shady pavement, face upturned, obviously soaking up as many summer rays as she could. It certainly made a change from staring down at a smart phone.

Reluctantly, we’ve all noticed the tell-tale signs of the approaching autumn (and I’m not talking about finding Christmas cards in some shops, although you can which should be against the law in August). I mean the morning dew on the spiders’ webs, the condensation on the windows, a slight chill in the evening air. We’ll be in jumpers and coats all too soon, summer frocks put away for another year, so while the sun still shines, I’m determined to make the most of every minute.

Last date edited: 16 March 2016

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