“When we sing our digging song, our digging’s twice as good!”

September has seen the launch of our fantastic new Build a canal online game on the Canal & River Explorers website. This ties in with our Build a Canal workshop, one of the many exciting activities delivered by our Explorers volunteers.

I was involved in a really fun photo shoot with some local children at National Waterways Museum to promote the new game. The children all really enjoyed playing it and gave us some lovely quotes:

Emma (aged 10). “It’s really good. I like the pictures and it’s very easy to play. I like clicking on the animals. I didn’t know that water in the canal comes from rain and rivers.”

Finn (aged 9). “It’s a good game. I thought the bit with the farm was funny. I like the music.”

Lucy (aged 7). “I like choosing things. The pictures are brilliant. I like seeing the boats moving along the canal.”

 Apologies to Wendy Capelle who was in the office when the children were (very enthusiastically) playing the game!!

In other news, we’ve been recruiting new volunteers in our Museums & Attractions, so I’ve been getting out and about meeting lots of enthusiastic new Explorers team members. We’re welcoming three new volunteers at Anderton Boat Lift and one at National Waterways Museum, I’m really looking forward to the skills and experience they will bring to our teams.

We’re back into full swing with school visits right across the country, with October looking like an incredibly busy month. As well as plenty of bookings to our museums, attractions and towpath locations –we’re also getting lots of requests to lead workshops and assemblies in schools, particularly linking with the new national curriculum. We’ve even had a request to host an exhibition of pupils work!

What I’m most excited about this month (picture me jumping up and down clapping my hands in delight!!), is the project at National Waterways Museum to create a dedicated schools reception, lunch and activity area in a currently unused part of the site. It will have views out onto the Manchester Ship Canal as well as purpose built storage, Canal & River Explorers artwork and will lead out to our outdoor picnic and play area. Work starts next week (eek!) to create what will be a really valuable resource for the Explorers team and for visiting schools & groups. Can’t wait!

I’m currently preparing for October half term week, so expect some spooky bat related photographs in next months blog! Until the next time . . .

Last date edited: 6 October 2014

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Helen Evans is the learning officer for our museums and attractions. She joined the National Waterways Museum (Ellesmere Port) in 2010, following eight years of secondary school teaching. Helen lives in Macclesfield and is a keen long distance runner, competing for Macclesfield Harriers.

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