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My return to running

In this blog entry, Phil gives us an update on his training and recovery from injury.

Running by the canal Running by the canal

Recovery has been an intense and often very painful process, thankfully I have had a very good friend/physio guiding me. The fact that I have been able to continue cycling, as it doesn't affect the Achilles heavily, means that I have been able to maintain a relatively decent level of fitness (and keep my weight down).

After a lay off from running of just over 8 weeks I managed to get back on the road for a short run. Such a relief to be able to get out again, who would have thought 8 months ago I would feel like this about running.

Training has been kept slow, low mileage and flat terrain to ensure my Achilles isn't pushed too far too soon. I am pleased to say that my Achilles is now completely pain free and after just a few runs I have been able to get some hills involved and extend my mileage. 

At the time of writing this I have just 18 days till this, my first half marathon. Training is going ok, although I am behind where I was/wanted to be before injury. Thankfully this event is flat, and on soft ground in the main, so I'm hopeful I can claw back some time on the day.

As I am still covering the Aylesbury and Wendover Arms during my working day, I have been keeping an eye on the terrain and ground conditions, which I am pleased to say are looking quite good.

I wish all those running in the 10k and Half Marathon all the best, and with a bit of bias, especially my fellow Dunstable Road Runners club mates that have entered.

To anyone that is thinking of coming to watch the runners come through, cheer loud and enjoy the day

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Phil is one of our licensing rangers covering the south east.  In 2017 Phil is aiming to get fit and run in our Two Arms on Two Legs half marathon this September. Read more about his progress and training here.  

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