Richmond Court (Chester Aid To The Homeless)

Foundation Enterprise NW, the contracted homeless provider in Cheshire West and Chester, agreed through the partnership with the Trust to undertake a minimum of one day per month activity along the canal side for a year.

Activities include keeping the canal and towpath clean and clear of obstructions, recording and improving wildlife and habitats, promotion of the waterway to other local people as well as working in partnership to run events.

The Richmond Court initiative began in March 2016 and started with fishing and photography workshops, with the first working group focussing on the repainting of railings alongside the canal leading to Hoole Lock.

Sarah McGrady, Service Manager at Richmond Court said “Foundation Enterprises are very excited about this new partnership, we are looking forward to the warmer months where we can help transform the canal path and work with partners and customers to maintain the canal path and improve the area for the local community.

This adoption also offers our customers the opportunity to learn new skills through photography and fishing which impacts in such a positive way, we are thankful for the adoption and look forward to getting things going in the coming months”