Freda’s Garden lives on

Taking their name from a lady who lived of the banks of the Aire & Calder Navigation, this group are picking up where Freda Turner left her beloved bankside blooms.

Where did they adopt?

The Friends of Freda’s Garden adopted a stretch of the canal between Cow Lane Bridge and Hunter’s Bridge in Knottingley.  

Why did they adopt?

Freda loved her garden so much, she expanded it along her local towpath, encouraging people who used it to pick and even take cuttings of the flowers she had planted. In tribute to her generosity, the group set up to honour her, by carrying on with the amazing work she started.

What’s been the highlight?

Freda’s garden became so well known that it was featured in the British Waterways Guide. A local resident even donated a bench in her name.

What’s next?

The group of five volunteers just want to carry on honouring Freda’s memory by carrying on the work she did before she sadly died. We’re sure she’d be proud!

Would they recommend it?

They love what they do and here at the Trust we’ve worked closely with them to ensure they get the support they need to carry on.

Want to know more?

If you want to get in touch with the group, you can email Mark Lovell – [email protected]

Or search ‘Friends of Freda’s Garden’ on Facebook.