Macclesfield Canal Society

Macclesfield Canal Society

This was the first adoption agreement for the society and is supported by our local MP and all the society’s member.

Biggest achievement to date

We have operated and expanded this group over the years with local residents and canal society members. We have kept at the litter picking and now have less litter to collect as the local users have increased respect for this great environment. This winter has seen the laying of new gravel on what was a very muddy towpath.

Would you recommend this to others?

Most of the members are locals who want to give something back to their community and enjoy the open air and working with like-minded people.

Anything else to share

Our group is well supported but we are always interested in new team members, please notify the local leads Piers Lambert [email protected] or Duncan Learmond [email protected] if you are joining us, and so we know we have enough tea and cake too.

Meet at Bridge 40 first Wednesday of the month at 10am. Find out more here: