Disley Towpath Action Group

We look after a mile of the Upper Peak Forest Canal. The group was formed off the back of the local parish plan. It was a case of 'how is the canal being improved, is there anything we can do?'

Disley Towpath Action Group, canal adoption Disley Towpath Action Group, canal adoption

I'm Jean Windsor. We're enthusiastically anarchic, but always tend to get 8-12 people to our monthly working groups.

We’ve improved the towpath and repaired the wash walls. We’ll do anything that improves the waterway. And it's also about raising the profile of the canal in what is a beautiful village.

Next up is looking at how we can make the towpath more accessible for people with limited mobility.

You can definitely see the product of your efforts. I use the towpath so definitely get benefit out of it that way as well.

It keeps me fit and out of mischief. I'd definitely do more if I could.