Witham Waste Warriors

This dedicated team decided they’d get together to pick up litter along a stretch of the River Witham, near Lincoln.

What made them adopt?

Britt and her husband Derek got in touch with the Trust and arranged a litter pick along the riverbank back in 2014. Their team of friends and volunteers got so much out of it, they adopted their stretch and set up Witham Waste Warriors.

What’s been your best moment?

Because people see the difference they’ve made, Britt says it’s made everyone more aware of what’s happening along the river. Scott Miller, the task manager says “They’ve done some amazing work! Straight away there was a real sense of community. It’s made the environment better for everyone.”

What’s next?

Aside from their regular litter picks, the team are in touch with other Trust adoption groups in the area. Together they want to ensure everyone works together to keep improving the riverbank. 

Are you glad you got involved?

“Of course!” said Britt.