An accessible walk at Ripon

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A gentle walk along a scenic stretch of the Ripon Canal, with plenty of opportunities to watch birdlife or enjoy a picnic.

A wheelchair walk along the Ripon Canal A wheelchair walk along the Ripon Canal

We've partnered with The Outdoor Guide to create this lovely walk which is suitable for wheelchair users.

The walk begins at the canal basin, which is just outside the city centre. From here it is a gentle stroll to Rhodesfield Lock, passing the former lockkeeper's house.

The path is wide enough for wheelchairs, making it perfectly accessible. From here the countryside opens out before you with options for watching boats, nature and the world float by. You'll also find wheelchair accessible platforms for fishing.

Length: one mile

Ripon Canal walk rmap Ripon Canal walk rmap

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“I am thrilled that The Outdoor Guide and Canal & River Trust are working together to inspire people to head out for walks along our beautiful waterways. The outdoors should be available to all.”

Julia Bradbury

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Julia Bradbury and the Canal & River Trust Julia Bradbury and the Canal & River Trust