A walk in Liverpool

A there-and-back walk along the historic canal in Liverpool, taking in Eldonian Village and the Stanley Lock Flight. Look out for cormorants along the way.

Picture of waterway and large building Liverpool Link

Start point: Eldonian Basin, L3 6LG 

Turn around point: Sandhills Bridge

Distance: 2.75km return

The route

1. Start at Eldonian Basin. Walk down to the canal and start walking along the towpath. This is the historic end of the canal.
2. Soon you will reach Stanley Lock Flight. This lock flight was used to move water between the extensive Liverpool Docks network and the canal.
3. Take some time to have a look at the full lock flight, or walk over the first bridge to get over the locks and continue on the towpath.
4. Walk along the towpath, past a canalside park and passing under three bridges. There are a pair of cormorants that live on this stretch, so look out for them.
5. Once you reach the fourth bridge, Sandhills, turn around and head back towards Eldonian village.