Penny Street Bridge

Penny Street Bridge carries the main road into the centre of Lancaster. If you walk out beneath it from Penny Street Basin there is a pleasant 40 minute walk out to the Lune Aqueduct. It is well worth it as there is so much to see on the way. People have seen otters and kingfishers on the banks just beyond this bridge.

Penny Street Bridge crossing waterway with boats moored nearby Penny Street Bridge, Lancaster

Not everyone using the canal for recreation stayed dry, as Sue Hennedy Smallshaw recounts: “Alf Hennedy and Agnes Dean and dog were in a two-seater canoe near Penny Street Bridge when they both ended up in the water and had to be rescued as neither could swim. This was my dad, I recall it being in the Lancaster Guardian at the time, possibly early 1970s.”

Little did they know what was lurking under the water at Penny Street Bridge. Derrick Hudson explains how their capsize could have made a much bigger splash.

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Last date edited: 20 July 2015