Lune Aqueduct trail

Welcome to the Lune Aqueduct digital memories trail.

Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal, with blue sky Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster Canal

Follow in the footsteps of those who have travelled the Lancaster Canal before you. The trail takes you between the old Packet Boat House south of Turnover Bridge and Skerton Weir on the River Lune. On the way, you will encounter stories of old mills, unexploded bombs, canal barges, working horses, stables, leisure boats, wildlife and the iconic Lune Aqueduct. Your guides are the people who have known Lancaster Canal over many years. They have lived beside, worked on or enjoyed the canal for recreation.

Look out for waymarkers with other QR codes along the canal and use your smartphone's QR code reader to browse the trail's webpages. If you have an NFC-enabled phone you can also place it beside the waymarkers to access the pages.

If you're coming to this page via google and not through one of the QR codes near the Lune Aqueduct, you can download a QR code reader directly to your smartphone here -

Last date edited: 6 September 2017