Bingley to Saltaire

Have you ever wondered how they keep the famous Bingley Staircase Locks in good repair; or what wildlife lives along the Leeds & Liverpool Canal? To find out, look out for the new trail plaques and signs along the towpath.

Bingley to Saltaire QR trail sign at Hirst Lock near Dowley Gap Aqueduct. Bingley to Saltaire QR trail sign at Hirst Lock near Dowley Gap Aqueduct.

We want to share with you unique views and stories of Bingley Five Rise one of the 'Seven Wonders of the Waterways’.

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Look at our aerial photographs and video footage which capture a rare record of two special events in the life of the Five Rise Locks and Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

ListenPainting of worker and image of phone from Bingley to Saltaire trail

Hear from people who live
and worked along the canal
between Saltaire and Bingley to find out why it is important to them.

Hear Will Hodgson - speaking in 1978

Watercolour of square building on Leeds & Liverpool CanalExplore

There are so many things to see along the towpath between Bingley and Saltaire. Discover what has changed over the years and what life was like on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

How do I access the trail?

You can access the trail in a few ways:
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by scanning a QR code with your smartphone

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by tapping an NFC tag with a NFC enabled smartphone

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by scanning the QR code through our free Bingley App

Don’t have a smartphone?

You can still discover why the locks are important, and what life was like on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, look out for the interpretation panels at the Five Rise & Three Rise Locks. Pick up one of our leaflets from the Five Rise Café or download it here.

You can download a FREE QR code reader within our Bingley iOS App.

If you don’t have any of the features above you can even load a web browser and type in the url under the QR code e.g.

If you are on an alternative platform, search for “QR reader” within the application shop for your device.

What do QR and NFC mean?

QR (Quick Recognition) codes are simply bar codes that you can scan with a reader.

NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are little microchips that you can tap to access with your compatible smartphone.

Both of these methods provide quick and easy access to specific content on our mobile optimised website.

You can even use the QR codes within our Bingley iOS App, which means that you don’t need a mobile signal to see and hear all the great videos, images and audio. It’s ideal if you are in a low signal area or visiting from abroad, find out about the Bingley App.

Details of Bingley to Saltaire trail app

 Bingley Heritage Awareness Project:

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Last date edited: 6 September 2017