Stop 8: Who's for fishing

From the minute minnow to the predatory pike, the canal is home to all kinds of fascinating fish.

Heron stood with mouth open Heron

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The fish food chain

Minnows and sticklebacks are some of the smallest fish in Britain, and so are prey for bigger fish like the pike and perch. The formidable pike will even snatch water birds, rats and frogs.

Other fish that live in the canal include the common carp, tench, roach, rudd and eel. They are an important food for some of nature’s top fishermen – the heron, kingfisher and otter.

Fishing for fun

Fishing is a popular pastime on the canal. The fishermen operate on a catch and return basis, so fish stocks are not depleted.

Re-routing the canal

Whitehouse Bridge was built as part of the restoration project to allow boats to pass under the road. The original bridge had been demolished when the canal was abandoned.

This was deemed the best place for the new bridge, so the canal was re-routed. The old section of water was left to form an undisturbed wildlife haven.


The heron has a loud, harsh cry. You might also hear the beating of its huge wings as it passes.


Continue straight along the towpath, to the left of the welcome sign, rather than veering right. The next stop point is on the gate.

Last date edited: 17 July 2015