Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster

Lune Aqueduct, Lancaster

Caton Road, Lancaster, LA1 3PE.

The Lune Aqueduct is one of the Seven Wonders of the Waterways, a masterpiece of civil engineering. 202 metres (664 feet) long, it carries the Lancaster Canal 16 metres (53 feet) above the River Lune.

The Lune Aqueduct is a great place for wildlife. Canal and river habitats provide places for all sorts of different creatures, from tiny stoneflies to beautiful swans. You can find out more about them on a visit to the aqueduct and the newly-created nature park.

A visit to the Lune Aqueduct gives school groups the opportunity to unearth secrets of the local area through first-hand observation and historical enquiry, and discover what makes it so special.


Guided trail

Explore the Lune Aqueduct from above and below on a guided history trail.  

Pond dipping

Children will observe the diversity of different creatures that rely on water to live and grow.


Children will carry out habitat sampling to identify creatures and plant species found in the nature park.


Using a map and blue rope children will mark out the shape of the River Lune and pick out its key features.

Workshops - delivered in your classroom.

Build a Canal

This workshop helps children to understand how and why the Lancaster Canal was built. Children become navvies and engineers as they build their own version of the canal with the workshop leader.

Building Bridges

Have a go at building model canal bridges and find out why arches are such a good shape.

Water Safety

Learn how to spot the hazards of being near water, what to do in an emergency and our SAFE message (Stay Away From the Edge).

Learning Resources

Use the following resources to support learning on your trip and back in the classroom:

Canal Life Curiosity Box

The replica items in this box provide opportunities for children to use artefacts and visual images as key source materials for developing their awareness about the past. The objects offer clues and evidence about people living and working on the Lancaster Canal, unlocking their stories.

Included in the Curiosity Box:

  • A cross-curricular grid to support your curriculum planning.
  • A curiosity box lesson plan with a series of differentiated activity ideas to support learning in the classroom
  • Artefacts including: horse brasses, fender, rope, cargo sacks (coal, limestone, cotton), hurricane lamp, candle holder, brass pan
  • Costume including: boaters bonnet, shawl, apron, flat cap, waistcoat, neckerchief
  • Photograph and portrait pack
  • Fact file

Fill in this quick online form to loan the box.

Downloadable learning resources:

Time Slip Trip Trail

Teachers' Notes

Lune Aqueduct Worksheets

Building Bridges Topic Pack

All About Canals

Find out more about the Lune Aqueduct.


  • Outdoor classroom
  • Pond dipping platform
  • Public toilets
  • Car park
  • Free preliminary visits and website resources


School visits to the Lune Aqueduct are FREE!