STEM Learning Programme

There are endless STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) learning opportunities along our canals and rivers, from understanding canal and river habitats to calculating the physics of water management.

NEW virtual experiments to bring science to life

Water pressure experiment

Try this simple experiment at home or in class to learn about the effects of water pressure in locks. 

Atmospheric pressure experiment

What is atmospheric pressure and how does it affect the fish in our canals and rivers? Helen from the learning & skills team explains with a simple science experiment that you can try at home or in school.

How a lock works 

Watch our short film to see Ellowes Hall School demonstrating how water pressure is used in engineering lock design.

STEM learning bundles

Our KS2 STEM learning bundles use real-life science to find out how things work using examples from canals and rivers to explore forces, floating and sinking and bridge engineering. The bundles are packed with exciting activities to engage children in the classroom or at home. 

Building a canal crane

STEM Ambassador Scheme

Our STEM Ambassadors are eager to inspire your students about this quickly emerging field. Working in STEM roles at the Canal & River Trust, they are passionate about it as a career path and are ready and waiting to deliver outreach in your school. Enquire about a STEM Ambassador visit here.