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    Life on the English Waterways

    All you need to know about life on the waterways between 1760 and 1960. This pack uses diaries, notes and newspaper articles to reveal how Victorian families lived and worked on the canal and what it was really like for children to live on a narrowboat.

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    All About Rivers Fact File

    Discover the features of a river, find out why they are important, what they are used for, who looks after them and what happens when rivers flood.

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    Waterways Today

    This Topic Pack explores the relevance canals and rivers play in today's society. It encourages children to investigate how waterways enrich our lives and how they can contribute to their long term sustainability.

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    Exploring Family History Fact File

    This fact file aims to show children how different historical resources can be used to find out about the past. Tasks are designed to progress in difficulty so that pupils will gain confidence in drawing their own conclusions from evidence. Use this fact file to develop chronological awareness and understand how people and places are influenced by their past.

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    Water Safety Posters

    Use these posters to identify the hazards associated with the many different types of inland water children may visit near their homes.

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    Discover Wildlife Poster

    This poster of the plants and animals living on the waterways supports our Canal & River Habitats resources. If you would like a printed version please email us at explorers@canalrivertrust.org.uk

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    Explore our Waterway Past Poster

    This colourful poster supports our Canals: Building & Carrying Topic Pack. If you would like a printed version please email us at explorers@canalrivertrust.org.uk

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    Bath Locks Trail

    Find out about the Kennet & Avon Canal in the beautiful city of Bath. Follow this towpath trail alongside the locks to see designer bridges, smart houses and discover how Wash House Bridge got its name!

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    Bingley Locks Family Discovery Trail

    Look for clues in the Bingley Five Rise Locks Trail to discover why a Prussian spy drew them over 200 years ago. Meet the amazing wildlife that lives along the canal.

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    Caen Hill Locks Trail

    Be a wildlife explorer at Caen Hill Locks! Hunt for minibeasts, spot dragonflies, collect leaves and look out for birds on trail at one of the most famous flights of locks in the country.

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