Gloucester Docks and Saul Junction

Gloucester Docks, Gloucester GL1 2EH and Saul Junction, Sandfield Bridge, Canal Bank, Saul, GL2 7LA

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Gloucester Docks and Saul Junction

Join the Canal & River Trust Explorers for a free guided visit on the impressive Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, to explore rivers, habitats or local history.

Saul is a lively canal location, close to the River Severn estuary, where the Stroudwater Canal meets the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal, which is much bigger and was built later. Groups can book boat trips with The Cotswold Canals Trust - a great experience for small groups and can be booked as part of your visit.


KS1 & KS2 Local History: All About the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

This workshop looks at how and why the canal was built over 200 years ago and the main cargoes that were carried by boat. An interactive Build a Canal session helps children to understand why, how and who built the canal.

KS2 STEM: Canal & River Maintenance Activity

Children investigate water quality and look at some of the challenges our engineers face when maintaining the canals. Studies can be linked to STEM topics to discover how canals were built and carry out a simple experiment.

KS2 Rivers

Groups visiting Saul or Gloucester Docks are also able to study the River Severn, Britain’s longest river, how it was used for transport and why it linked to local canals. Aerial photographs of the estuary and a walking inspection of the geography of Saul junction helps to put the canal and river in context. At Gloucester, a walk to the ‘partings’ where the River Severn links with Gloucester Docks through the huge Gloucester Lock demonstrates the difference in river and canal levels and encourages children to consider how water is managed and what happens in times of flood.


Visits to Gloucester Docks and Saul Juncton are FREE!

If you'd like to explore fascinating canal history, experiment with STEM activities and learn about our wonderful waterways in a museum setting, check out our schools offers at the National Waterways Museum, Gloucester. Our guided tours and school activities are all free!