Diglis Island & Fish Pass

Planning your visit

Address: Diglis Lock Island Diglis Dock Road Worcester WR5 3BS

Opening Times
The site is open on selected days, please visit the website for more information https://www.unlockingthesevern.co.uk/calendar-events/

Price: Please visit the Unlocking the Severn website

Toilets: There are toilets at Diglis Island, but no toilets at Diglis Fish Pass

Visit Diglis Island & Fish Pass

Come and visit Diglis Island and Diglis Fish Pass, two fascinating new visitor spaces created through the Unlocking the Severn project. On the island, learn about the rich navigational history of the Severn, step into the Victorian workshop where lock gates were once made, and find out about the plight of a once-renowned fish species. 

A 15-minute walk from this secret island in the Severn is Diglis Fish Pass. This feat of engineering is one of four fish passes, created to allow fish to swim around large weirs on the River Severn. The fish pass is 100m long and, at the time of construction, the biggest of its kind in England and Wales.

The best bit?

Diglis Fish Pass has its own underwater viewing gallery, where visitors have the chance of spotting different species of fish swimming through the pass.
Tours are run with the support of our volunteers. Scroll down to the 'Book a Visit' button to check our availability. We run tours on select days between March and October.

Come fish spotting at Diglis Viewing Gallery

Did you know...? We have seen over 25 different species of fish using Diglis Fish Pass so far. Scientific monitoring cameras give us great footage of our finned-friends using the pass. But the best experience is watching them for yourself in our underwater viewing gallery.

The spring is the best time to see fish, as many species undertake their upriver migration this time of year. Will you spot a salmon, or might you even be lucky and spy a speedy shad?


An adult with a group of children looking at fish from a window

Drop-in sessions at Diglis Fish Pass

Want to pop in and visit Diglis Fish Pass? On select days during the visitor season, you can do just that! These visits do not need to be booked. Just turn up to one of our drop-in sessions listed on the Unlocking the Severn website, and explore the fish pass.

Take in the impressive feat of modern engineering that is Diglis Fish Pass. On the fish pass terrace, you can see how the fish pass works to slow down the water and provide a shallower gradient for migratory fish. Then descend into the underwater viewing gallery for a view into the fish pass itself. A 2m by 2.5m window provides a lens into the River Severn, with the opportunity to spot wild fish swimming past!

PLEASE NOTE: Diglis Fish Pass is not open for visitors all the time. We run drop-in sessions on specific dates, which are published on the Unlocking the Severn Events page when available.

Book a tour of Diglis Island & Diglis Fish Pass

Our 90-minute heritage tours give you a unique opportunity to step onto the private manmade island in the Severn and learn all about its history. Discover how the industrial history of the River Severn impacted wildlife and what our project has done to restore river connectivity for migrating fish.

You will then be guided on a 15-minute walk around the towpath, crossing Diglis bridge, to visit Diglis Fish Pass. You will learn all about this impressive feat of engineering and how it creates a swimming way for fish around the weir that blocks their path. Visitors can then descend into the underwater viewing gallery for a chance to see wild fish in the river that may be swimming past!

Planning your visit

The Diglis Island and Fish Pass tour include a 10 to 15-minute walk along the riverside path to our new Diglis fish pass – the only of its kind in England and Wales. You will have the chance to descend down beneath the surface of the river into our unique underwater viewing gallery and you may be lucky to spot some wild fish swimming through the pass! As the temperature of the water warms up, more fish will begin moving through the fish pass.

There is a £6.50 ticket for Diglis Island and Fish Pass tour attendees.

You can book our fish pass and tours on the Unlocking the Severn website.

Drop-in visits at Diglis Fish Pass are free and do not need to be booked.

Toilets: There are toilets available on Diglis Island for tour attendees. There are no toilets at Diglis Fish Pass

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