Near Ratcliffe Lock


From Date: 12/06/2020 00:00

To Date: On-going

Type: Advice

Reason: Information

Is the towpath closed? No


Closest waterway: River Soar


We would like to advise our customers of some known sand banks near Ratcliffe Lock on the River Soar. 

We have recently had boats get stuck along this section and so we would like to issue a notice of warning.   

We currently advise boaters to keep right over to the western bank, above the lock for about 250m from the top gates.  We also advise boaters to use only the small lock landing on the western bank as the approach to the main landing on the eastern side is obstructed by the sandbank.

We are bringing forward our dredging assessments, due to the increase of issues reported to us along our Waterway and we will then prioritise the works accordingly. 

If customers do experience issues along this section, do not hesitate to contact us on 0303 040 4040 or email us at 

Please follow the government advice – stay alert, control the virus, save lives.