Paddington Arm, Black Horse Bridge

Notice Details
From Date:
18th March 2019
To Date:
19th March 2019 at 23:59 inclusive
Navigation Restriction
3rd Party Works


Contractors will be undertaking lifting activities to install a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the canal.

The third-party contractor will ensure that the navigation is open at all times, however it will be restricted in width. There minimum navigable width shall be 5m at all times, in order that 1 boat can pass by the works freely.

Signage and instruction from banksmen should be observed leading up to the restricted area.

Boater and towpath traffic may be temporarily held for up to 30mins within any 3 hour period

Paddington Arm (Grand Union Canal)
Starts At:
Bridge 15, Black Horse Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 15, Black Horse Bridge
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