Canal & Towpath between Bridge 111, Whitelands Road Bridge and Bridge 32, Wharf St Railway Viaduct

Notice Details
From Date:
16th July 2018 at 07:00
To Date:
3rd August 2018 at 18:00 inclusive
Navigation Restriction
3rd Party Works

Towpath and Canal Restriction and the adjacent moorings: This is to facilitate the demolition of the adjacent industrial unit. The towpath and canal with be supervised and controlled via banksman situated either side of the proposed demolition. When craft or pedestrian wish to pass, they will be convoyed passed the site with the aid of the banksman.

We will safe guard the boat and towpath users from the adjacent demolition works. Boaters / Towpath users will be asked to wait, whilst operations are stopped, and access is made safe. The adjacent mooring will also be restricted within working hours.

Towpath and canal access will be maintained.

Advanced warning signs will be erected and maintained throughout the width restriction in advance of the works, asking users to slow down and be vigilant of the operations being undertaken.

Canal users may be asked to wait for short durations (no more than 30 minutes) to allow the contractor to stop operations and make the passage safe.

 The adjacent mooring to be restricted during the working day, to prevent any conflict with an unforeseen collapse of the industrial unit.


No works to be undertaken from the towpath, including plant.

Ashton Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 111, Whitelands Road Bridge
Ends At:
Bridge 32, Wharf St Railway Viaduct
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