Locks 26 to 28, Thorpe Locks, near Shireoaks, Chesterfield Canal

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From Date:
7th January 2019 at 08:00
To Date:
4th February 2019 at 16:00 inclusive
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Is Towpath Closed?
Notice updates:
03/09/2018 @ 15:33

A closure is required to carry out the replacement of Lock 27 bottom gates, Lock 28 bottom gates and Lock 26 top gates.

Please be aware it may be necessary to close the towpath for short periods during these works to ensure the public’s safety.  Signage on site will provide further information.

Replacement of Lock 27 Bottom Gates, Lock 28 Bottom Gates and Lock 26 Top Gates
Chesterfield Canal
Starts At:
Lock 28, Thorpe Low Treble (Bottom)
Ends At:
Lock 26, Thorpe Low Treble (Top)
Up Stream Winding Hole:
Thorpe Windinghole
Down Stream Winding Hole:
Turnerwood Bridge
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