Regents Canal, Mare Street Bridge - Navigation Restriction and Towpath Restriction

Notice Details
From Date:
13th December 2017
To Date:
9th August 2018 at 16:00 inclusive
Navigation Restriction
Notice updates:
20/12/2017 @ 11:07


The navigation and towpath are now open.

However, due to partial collapse of the waterway wall the width of the canal is restricted by 4 metres, the 4 metre restriction starts and ends in line with the pedestrian barriers on the towpath.

Please note that there are significant underwater obstructions within this restricted area.

We also request that you ease down to tick over speed while passing the affected area.

Mooring to any part of the coping or edge protection barriers within this restricted area is strictly prohibited as it will cause further damage to infrastructure and possible severe damage to your boat.

Towpath users please note that the width of the towpath has been reduced to 1.2 metres.  Cyclists must
dismount while passing the affected area.

Please note that the barriers are there for towpath users' safety so do not alter their layout.


Due to emergency works being carried out, the towpath from Mare Street Bridge to the access point at Vicar's Close will be closed until further notice.

Please follow onsite diversion notices.


Regent's Canal
Starts At:
Bridge 51, Mare Street Bridge (A107)
Ends At:
Bridge 53, Bonner Hall Bridge
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