Let's Fish!

Let's Fish!

We're thrilled to now offer free Let's Fish! sessions as part of our school trips at selected locations.

Let's Fish! is an initiative run by the Canal & River Trust aiming to get people in to fishing. Fishing is a great way to be active outdoors and connect to nature and the environment. It's also an ideal way to study the species that live within our waterways and learn what the Canal & River Trust is doing to look after them.

The learning outcomes for children are valuable and far reaching:

  • Creating confident individuals - catching that all important fish is a huge self-esteem boost.
  • Skills development - introducing children to new hobbies.
  • Coordination - our coaches will help children with the correct technique.
  • Water safety, conduct and behaviour - children will be expected to act sensibly near water and look after the equipment.
  • Patience, concentration and resilience - if a fish isn't caught, resilience is built from having a fun and immersive experience despite not catching a fish.

Curriculum links

Living things and their habitats, food chains, plastics and environmental awareness, life cycles.

Let's Fish events Let's Fish events


Our priority locations are set out below although we are open to work with committed partner schools in other geographical areas within reasonable travelling distance of one of our waterways.

  • Cheshire & the Wirral
  • Leicestershire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Nottinghamshire
  • Shropshire
  • Staffordshire & the Potteries
  • West Midlands including Birmingham, the Black Country & Coventry
  • Wrexham & Flintshire

FAQ for schools

What will it cost to include a Let's Fish! taster session in our trip?

Nothing! Let's Fish! is free for schools and groups.

What do we need to bring?

All the necessary fishing equipment is provided. Participants just need suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.

Are all canals and rivers suitable locations for Let's Fish?

Unfortunately, not all locations are yet suitable for Let's Fish! sessions for various reasons, include space and safety. We will do our best to accommodate opportunities where we feel we can offer participants a worthwhile experience.

What arrangements are in place around insurance and safeguarding?

All Let’s Fish! sessions are led by a qualified and licensed Level 2 angling coach. Level 2 coaches are required to be registered with Angling Trust or Angling Cymru (who are the national governing body for fishing in England & Wales respectively). Licenced level 2 coaches carry full liability insurance, have safeguarding qualifications and DBS certificates and an up to date first aid qualification. All our licensed level one coaches are DBS checked.

What is the ratio of pupils to fishing coaches in Let’s Fish! sessions?

We always aim for a 1:1 pupil to coach ratio, but sometimes in busy groups we operate a 2:1 pupil to coach ratio. We never exceed a 2:1 ratio as we do not believe that higher ratios than this are appropriate for optimal learning.

Do participants receive attendance certificates?

Yes, all attendees receive an attendance certificate (from May 2019) on the day.

Does Let's Fish! operate all year round?

The majority of Let's Fish events are held during the period from April through to the end of the October half term week.  These are the months that are typically most suitable for outdoor activity and when fish are relatively easy to catch. We are happy to discuss events outside of this period on request.

Do you hold follow up events for those who would like to attend again?

Yes, we aim to hold follow up events in as many areas of the network as resources currently permit. Our current Let’s Fish programme is listed here.

Several of our customer clubs hold ongoing participation events including classroom sessions in the colder winter months

Are teachers and other adults allowed to take part in the fishing activity?

Yes, Let’s Fish! is open to people of all ages.

Is there a lower age limit for taking part in Let's Fish?

Whilst there is no lower age limit, experience shows that pupils aged between around the ages of 6 and 13 gain most from participation at Let’s Fish events.

Will children receive a certificate for taking part?

We have created five awards to guide you on your angling journey. Each award helps you learn a different set of skills, building in to a broad knowledge of angling. Participants will receive a certificate after completing each award.

Are there any opportunities for keen pupils to represent the school/group in local or national competitions?

Yes, the Trust run the national cadet, (7 to 10 years) junior, (11 to 15 years) and youth (16 to 20 years) championships annually. The 2019 event is being held on the Shropshire Union Canal on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border. There is more information here.

Let's Fish! funding support

As a charity we do more than just care for 2,000 miles of waterways, we help local people and communities take advantage of the wellbeing benefits of being by water. We couldn't provide our fantastic Let's Fish! events without valuable funding from the Peoples' Postcode Lottery, Environment Agency, Angling Trust and other local groups such as Nenescape. But your donations make a big difference too. 

Funding supporters of Let's Fish! 2019 Funding supporters of Let's Fish! 2019