Say hello to Well-B

Well-B is our extraordinary little friend, who has recently discovered that our canals and rivers are a great place to spend time to recharge.

Family time with Well-B Family time with Well-B

At Canal & River Trust we believe that life’s better by water, and our friend Well-B certainly agrees. If you look carefully at the wellbeing monitor on Well-B’s chest you’ll know just how Well-B feels. Well-B doesn’t enjoy the hustle, bustle and noise of busy streets in towns and cities. In fact, Well-B becomes tired and sad after spending too much time there – they drain Well-B’s energy and the wellbeing monitor dips to a low red flicker. So Well-B goes in search of nearby places to recharge and finds a local canal.  

Visiting canals and rivers as a family is a great way to recharge just like Well-B! You could try some of our Let’s Go Outdoors activities on your visit or create a fun family trail for your local canal using the Explorers trail builder.

If you can’t visit your local canal then let the canal and our little friend Well-B come to you. We’ve got seven activity sheets to colour at home.