Put a Spring in your step this half term!

Spring has sprung, and after a difficult year of being cooped up we’re encouraging everyone to get outside this half term and enjoy everything bursting into life along our canals and rivers. Try our six activities below to really put a spring in your step this half term!

Rabbit sat on grass Rabbit

Canal corridors

Green shoots are a classic and welcome sign of spring – so put on your wellies, go for a muddy walk and be a super seed spreader this Spring!

A collection of feathers

The birds are busy nestbuilding ready for their precious Spring arrivals. Make a collection of feathers and see who’s been busy in your local area. 

Make a bird feeder

Nest building is tiring work! Look after our feathery friends this Spring and build a bird feeder to help keep their tummies full.

Origami frog

Hop on down to the canal and see if you can spot some frogspawn in the water. Remember to Stay Away From the Edge. Build an origami frog when you get home.

Colouring out

Who’s hatching above our heads? Draw your guesses inside our colouring out nest to find out!

Take notice

Buds are blossoming, bulbs are blooming and eggs are hatching. Spring is a magical time of year along our waterways and there’s a lot to see. Take a moment to reflect and enjoy all that’s happening around us in our mindfulness activity.