Celebrate British Science Week 2021

Be inspired by real-life Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) along our waterways.

Explorers STEM workshop

There are endless STEM learning opportunities along our canals and rivers that use real-life examples of how things work from understanding biological habitats to calculating the physics of water management. What will you discover?

Spot STEM in action

Explore your local canal to see what interesting STEM features you can find. Our top spots include locks, bridges, canal cranes and weirs. Find your local canal here.

KS2 STEM learning bundles

Learn about hydraulics and mechanical advantage with our new learning bundles. Using examples from canals and rivers to explore forces we demonstrate how hydraulics, levers, cogs and gears are used in the real world. 

Take a virtual tour of a drained lock

Explore our fascinating winter works at Lock 83 on the Rochdale Canal in Manchester. Watch our videos and hear from our experts.

Try a simple science experiment

What is atmospheric pressure and how does it affect the fish in our canals and rivers? Helen from the learning & skills team explains with a simple science experiment that students can take part in at home or in school.

*NEW* KS3 & KS4 STEM hub

We’ve created a new hub to make it easy to access all our STEM-related resources, micro-lessons, workshops and careers information. Take a look here.