Foxton Locks

Foxton Locks

Foxton Locks, Gumley Road, Foxton, Leicestershire, LE16 7RA.

When Foxton Locks were completed in 1814, canal trade was booming. The locks became a bottleneck with loads of boats wanting to use them at the same time. To solve the problem, a boat lift was built which carried boats up and down the steep hill in giant tanks of water.

Visit Foxton Locks to discover the full story and find out why the lift was only open for ten years.


Foxton Locks is the perfect place to see and understand engineering at its best. These grand constructions changed this landscape forever.

Our team of Explorers Education Volunteers offers you the opportunity to visit this important set of locks and support learning with interactive guided walks and inspiring sessions focusing on:

KS1 & KS2

Discover Canal people

How people lived and local history.

Habitats and lifecycles 

The importance of wildlife and Biodiversity.

Build a canal 

Discover how were the canals made.

Water safety 

How to be safe around the water’s edge.

A Plastic Challenge

Help clear our canal of plastic and help reduce, re-use and re-cycle to benefit our environment.

How a lock works

Discover how a lock works, what it does and see one in operation.

Floating and Sinking 

This workshop will help children develop a clearer understanding of the factors affecting whether something sinks or floats.


Learning Resources

Use the following resources to support learning on your visit and back in the classroom:

Life on the English Waterways

All About Canals

Find out more about Foxton Locks.


Free facilities for teachers include pre-visits, risk assessments and downloadable trails.

Practicalities include toilets in upper and lower car parks, outdoor picnic area, shop, café, restaurant, pub, canal museum, stable building, and interpretive trail.

Coaches need to park in the pay & display car parks.

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Visits to Foxton Locks are FREE!