Canal & River Trust Explorers Challenge Badge

Canal & River Trust Explorers Challenge Badge

Canals and rivers offer exciting and imaginative ways to inspire your group. They are easily accessible, great places for hikes and to demonstrate badge work and challenges. We have a whole bundle of free activities you can do with your group to work towards the Canal & River Trust Explorers Challenge Badge.

The Canal & River Trust Explorers Challenge Badge is available FREE to uniformed groups in England & Wales.

Find the individual sections of our Challenge badge below.

Pick and choose the best topic packs for your group at different times of year or go all in and complete them all. Our packs of activities give you the flexibility to find what works best for your group.  

Don't forget we also have a Water Safety bundle sharing our important stay SAFE, Stay Away From the Edge message and giving children information on what to do in an emergency. 

Rainbows - Girlguiding Challenge Badge

We have had a number of fun evenings at Fradley Junction with Beavers, Rainbows and Brownies. They have done pond dipping, water safety, diary strips and wildlife searches. The children have loved it!

Sally, Pack Leader