Waterways Alive Awards WINNERS!

The education team's Canal & River Challenge Badge, designed in partnership with Girlguiding Birmingham, has won an internal Waterways Alive Award.

The badge is a perfect opportunity for Girl Guides across the country to discover their local stretch of waterway. As with all of Explorers’ work, the badge aims to inspire children’s learning by connecting them to our canals and rivers. In turn, this will create a new generation of waterway enthusiasts, passionate about caring for our waterways and acting as positive advocates for the Trust. To earn the badge, Girl Guides need to complete one activity from each of the following sections: History, Water Safety, Out and About, Arts and Crafts, Wildlife, Games and Activities.

The activities, which are themed around canals and rivers, aim to educate girls about our waterways whilst providing them with a range of new skills. They include cooking traditional boating snacks, discovering waterway wildlife, crafting traditional canal folk art, canoeing along the water and many more. Group leaders can sign these activities off in their very own activity log.

The idea for the badge was suggested by Explorers Eduction Volunteer, Janice Barnett, who is also a Rainbow leader for Girlguiding Birmingham. Working closely with Janice and Girlguiding Birmingham, we designed a range of activities that would enable groups to discover and learn about their local waterway, whilst reflecting the values of the Girlguiding community. The badge has been a huge success with over 1000 girls taking part so far, and this figure is rapidly increasing all the time. As of the 7th July, the badge is now award winning and we look forward to even more girls achieveing the badge in the year to come.

Download the badge syllabus and order your badges here.

Last date edited: 10 July 2017

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