School outreach in Gloucester

As well as school trips to the waterside, the Trust's learning programme, Explorers, also delivers free outreach workshops in school to inspire children about our canals and rivers.

We have had lots of school visits at the National Waterways Museum in Gloucester this autumn term, with pupils taking part in activities on board Sabrina 5 and enjoying the boat ride on the canal. As the museum will be temporarily closed early next year to allow for the construction of the new front entrance, the volunteers have already started taking our history and science workshops to local schools. A Year 3 pupil describes what we did recently

"On the 11th of October, Pauntley Primary School had some visitors from the Waterways Museum. Anna and Helen were talking to us about canals, and they brought a box filled with sand. We all wondered what they were going to do with a sand box!"

"Anna and Helen chose some pupils at random. They came up and put either; a house, canal, factory, farm or a bridge in the box. That was to represent Gloucester in the olden days. We learnt that the factories were near the canal because they had to drop off and collect supplies; canals are a great means of transport. We really enjoyed the experience."

Children always love having visitors coming to their schools and bringing a new and different aspect to learning something new. We are looking forward to meeting more pupils with our exciting outreach work delivered in their own classrooms. Find out more information and book a FREE workshop here.

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The Education Team delivers two main learning programmes. Explorers which is aimed at primary school children and uniformed groups, and STEM which is aimed at secondary schools. We provide free, curriculum linked learning resources for teachers and offer a range of outreach sessions to inspire children and young people about our waterways. Our fantastic Education Volunteers deliver sessions on the towpath or in school, bringing the stories of our waterways to life.


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